About Us

Brindle Financial Services specialise in broad based financial advice and financial products and have access to multiple lenders, life assurance companies and investments companies. Our ethos is make financial advice and financial products straight forward.

We try to avoid jargon and tell it like it is. We are committed to ensuring are clients are provided with financial products which are suited to their needs, personal circumstances and the genuine risks they face in life. Financial products have over time become more complex and often there is so much information it can be hard to decipher. We can help you navigate through the products and help you choose what you need and when you need it.

Many people first encounter financial services through a need or requirement, this could be as simple as a term loan to buy your first motor car. Financial services such as these are usually straight forward and can take very little time. The requirements are often as simple as a credit check, an employment check, some documentation and an application form.

As people move through life, their needs become much more complex. This becomes very obvious when people first embark on the mortgage process. The difference becomes remarkable in that the transaction requires multiple documents and lenders examining your personal circumstances, lending habits, saving habits and how you manage your affairs generally. This may lead you to your first encounter with a financial broker, many people need help with arranging their affairs and also advice on the most suitable products and services. Some matters require further explanation to a lender and your financial broker can be of great assistance in this regard. Getting the keys to your first property can be a life changing experience and give you great security and peace of mind.

Often after people purchase their first home, they start a family and then there are other people to think about and protect. Often at this stage of life, couples need to carefully consider how their family is protected if they were unable to work for a period of time or indefinitely. Financial brokers can arrange protection policies to protect against many of these risks.

In life, some of us may receive inheritance but haven’t properly considered the tax implications or the short time period in which the tax liability must be paid from receipt of the inheritance. Depending on when the inheritance is received, a beneficiary under a will could have just months to discharge the tax bill. This is why it is essential to seek financial advice on an ongoing basis.

Brindle Financial Services can assist, advise and arrange these products for you if and when the need arises. If you wish to discuss your financial needs further, call us on 01 4804414, email us at info@brindlefinancial.ie alternatively you can request a call back.

Warning: If you do not keep up your payments you may lose your home