2% Cashback Lump Sum

It is hard to remember when there were so many good deals in the mortgage market! There is 2% cash back lump sum offers on drawdown which apply to first time buyers and second time buyers with some lenders.

The 2% cash back on lump sum offer is very straight forward and mortgage applicants will receive 2% of the amount they borrow on drawdown. This means if you borrow €300,000 of a mortgage you receive €6,000 back in a lump sum after drawdown. Some lenders pay the cashback within just 20 days of drawdown. There can be clawbacks with some lenders if you pay off the mortgage before the clawback period expires. However, your Adviser can explain this to you on receipt of your Approval in Principle or mortgage Loan Offer. Other terms and conditions may apply from lender to lender.

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