Free Pension Consultation

We offer a free Pensions Consultation at our offices or at your home. The Consultation is completely free and without any obligation. We find many people have pensions from previous employers that they have forgotten about or simply haven’t been reviewed in years.

By leaving your pension in a previous occupational pension scheme, you continue to be bound by the rules of that scheme. You can transfer an occupational pension into a Personal Retirement Bond or Buy Out Bond which is not subject to the rules of your previous occupational pension scheme. This means, in some circumstances, the funds can be accessed at age 50 instead of the age set by occupational pension scheme which is often 65. It can also give you more control over your pension. Importantly, pension arrangements can be complicated and it is important to get advice before any action is taken.

For further information, call us on 01 480 4414 request a call back or make an online enquiry and an Adviser will contact you.

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