Life Cover

Brindle Financial Services can help protect and give peace of mind to individuals, families and businesses through life insurance cover. Life Cover is an insurance policy or assurance policy as often referred to that provides a lump sum in the event of your untimely death. Many people do not have life cover or simply do not have enough. Life cover rates increase with age, so the younger you are the cheaper the cover.

Often people take out a type of Life Cover called Mortgage Protection when they purchase their first home to protect their mortgage, lenders will generally insist on this for a family home mortgage. Mortgage Protection will pay off your mortgage providing the cover is sufficient but it is not a policy that gives benefits to your family.  In most cases there is just enough to clear the outstanding debt. Your personal circumstances can change fast, people have families and it is easy to forgot or put Life Cover to one side. The key questions you should ask are:

How would your family manage without your regular income?

What level of replacement income would your partner need without your salary?

How would your partner pay the cost of childcare and other living expenses without your regular income?

How will your spouse afford the cost of third level education for your children?

These are tough questions for any person to answer but these are the questions which you need to consider. The next question after you have considered the questions above is: How much will it cost per month to eliminate these risks and what can I afford to pay?

There are many companies in the market that offer Life Cover and there are differences between the policies depending on what provider you choose. Brindle Financial Services can help you choose a product that is suitable for you. Our qualified advisers will identify the risks specific to you and match your needs with a suitable policy in line with your affordability.

Our qualified advisers can differentiate the products for you, steer you through the process and explain the documentation to you. Brindle Financial Services has access to a wide product offering through the life companies we hold appointments with. We have access to products that combine life cover with serious illness cover, some products even provide hospital cash if you become hospitalised or undergo an operation.

Generally getting Life Cover is a straight forward process but some people have underlying health issues and this can take a little bit longer. In exceptional cases, cover can be refused by the life assurance company where an applicant has serious health issues but in most cases they generally apply a small loading to cover higher risk applicants.

Importantly, life policies have an “Utmost good faith” requirement, this means that you must answer the medical questions truthfully with sufficient detail to ensure you are covered in the event of a claim. In some situations, you may be required to attend a medical in order for cover to be granted. This should not put you off though, the peace of mind of having your family properly protected will be ample reward and most people are accepted at standard rates.

Brindle Financial Services can arrange your Life Cover, Income Protection, Mortgage Protection, Business Protection Insurance (including Co-Director and Key Man Protection) and Serious Illness Cover.

If you want to discuss further, we can arrange a Protection Review for you. Call us on 01 480 4414 or email us at, alternatively you can request a call back.