First Time Buyer Help-to-Buy Scheme Opens

The Government’s Help-to-Buy scheme opened in January 2017. The Scheme will make life easier for first time buyers and hopefully have a positive impact on the supply of new houses.

There was much talk of what was going to happen to assist first time buyers and the Scheme was long overdue. The Scheme is a very positive step overall and has been broadly welcomed.

The key feature is that first time buyers can receive up 5% towards the purchase price of a newly built home.

Becoming a parent is the number one reason for getting life cover……

A RECENT survey of Irish financial brokers has revealed that for many of us becoming parents is the number one trigger to take out life insurance cover, writes Grainne McGuinness.

First-time buyer deposits cut to 10% as Central Bank eases mortgage rules

First-time buyers will only be required to have a deposit of 10 per cent regardless … +

Budget 2017 includes a Mortgage Help to Buy Scheme.

Budget 2017 includes a Mortgage Help to Buy Scheme. The relief is targeted at first time buyers’ and only applies to newly built homes. The scheme is aimed to help people buy their first home and boost supply of newly built homes which is welcome.